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Why We Should be Honest About Debt This Thanksgiving 

John Gilbert

Athanasius G.

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Why We Should be Honest About Debt This Thanksgiving 

I know that Thanksgiving is everyone’s favorite holiday because of the difficult conversations around the dinner table. Money and debt can be the most difficult. It is more personal than impeachment hearings and can break up marriages and ruin friendships.

So why talk about it this Thursday?   

I recently came across a deeply personal story on the subject. With 100k in student loan and credit card debt, the author shared what it was like to come clean about this with family. The shame, growing stack of bills and fear of failure moved her to write a 10 page letter sharing all of this. 

You can’t be thankful without being honest. Acknowledging what you have requires just as much honesty as acknowledging what you have lost. When we gather around and express our gratitude for the year, we are confessing that we are not entitled to anything. This even includes our debt. We are not above receiving help just as we are not entitled to it. Sharing your burdens with those close to you may not solve the problem, but it gives you hope and a path out. Read Stephanie’s story below to see what happened when she revealed her debt to her parents.